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  Travel sparks the imagination – before, during, and after a trip, in ways we may not even realize.

You might be inclined to learn a few words of the language spoken in the countries you’ll be visiting; to research the culture, geography, and history; to seek out the best restaurants, museums, and points of interest; or even just to lose a few pounds before that beach vacation.

Studies show that the mere act of planning a trip, and the anticipation of getting away, can boost your happiness for up to eight weeks – how’s that for inspiration?

In this “How To Travel Better” issue of Virtuoso Life, you’ll not only find inspiration for your next trip, but for travel done right.

From advisor tips and tricks to the ultimate trips to the best products, gadgets, and gear, we hope we motivate you to get going! 

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Travel Better
Build a better trip with our giant roundup of tips, tricks, products, and inspiration.

Sport Like an Irishman
Learn the art of manor-born heritage games on the Emerald Isle.

Raise a Global Citizen
Traveling with children isn’t just a luxury – it’s a requirement for an informed, compassionate worldview.

Take Your Trip to the Next Level
A well-connected travel advisor elevates every journey.

Capture the Moment
From Botswana to Venice, take a cue for better snaps from our photo contest’s winning images.

Flip through the latest issue of VIRTUOSO LIFE>

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